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Global Wound Academy

Global Wound Academy The Global Wound Academy is a long established educational resource provided by Smith & Nephew to support the needs of health care professionals working in the wound care field.

Designed to help nurses and doctors alike, the Academy contains specialist training modules in understanding wound care theory and practice.

With clearly defined wound care training modules covering everything from the basic concepts of skin structure and composition through to highly focused modules dealing with the specifics of, for example, diabetic foot ulcers, the Global Wound Academy strives to be your comprehensive resource for wound care training.


Wound care training modules

Expand your knowledge of the key theories of wound management by studying training modules designed to make learning fun! With colourful, interactive diagrams, models and a wide range of reference materials, the Global Wound Academy will help make your training experience come to life.

Each training module is spilt into easy to digest sections, with optional quizzes interspersed throughout the content to test your newly acquired knowledge. As you progress and complete all the sections of each module you’ll be presented with an exam. On successful completion of this you’ll achieve your training certificate.

All the training modules are designed to aid learning and take you step by step through the major concepts and ideas being discussed.


Interactive patient case studies

In addition to the core training modules, there are also a range of interactive patient case studies to put your newly acquired knowledge to the test. 

These patient studies are another imaginative way in which you can test your knowledge in 'real' situations. You will be presented with a patient, be able to view the wound and then, by selecting medical tests which you feel are appropriate, diagnose and treat the patient.

At the end of each patient study you'll find out whether your choices were correct and see how the wound heals given the right treatment option.


Study at the Global Wound Academy

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