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Advanced Bioscaffold Technology


BST-CarGel is an advanced bioscaffold technology for enhancing cartilage regeneration and is supported by Level 1 clinical evidence demonstrating improved quantity and quality of tissue repair over microfracture alone at 5 years post-op1.

BST-CarGel is an easy to use, off the shelf product indicated for use in cartilage repair procedures. It is designed to be applied through a minimally invasive, one-step cartilage repair procedure.


BST-CarGel Surgical Technique
BST-CarGel Professor Matthias Steinwachs Testimonial
BST-CarGel MOA Animation
BST-CarGel Coagulation Comparison

Enhanced Bone Marrow Stimulation

Certain aspects of standard Bone Marrow Stimulation can impede the cartilage repair process, including blood clot retraction, poor residency and insufficient quantity of blood components. By using BST-CarGel in conjunction with Bone Marrow Stimulation an improved adhesively can be achieved along with a more voluminous, adherent, and physically-stabilized blood clot1.

BST-CarGel Advantage

  • Minimally invasive, single-step system2
  • Suited for most cartilage lesions3
  • Greater quantity and better quality of tissue compared to microfracture alone1
  • Highest standard in cartilage regeneration randomized clinical trials (5 year Level 1 clinical data)1

Downstream Effects – Early Stage Enhanced Wound Healing4

  • Increased inflammatory and bone marrow-derived stromal cell recruitment
  • Increased vascularization of the provisional repair tissue
  • Increased intramembranous bone formation and subchondral bone remodeling.



1. Shive, M., MD, et al. BST-CarGel Treatment Maintains Cartilage Repair Superiority over Microfracture at 5 Years in a Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial. Cartilage 2015; Vol 6(2) 62-72

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4. Animal studies have suggested early stage enhanced wound healing effects of BST-CarGel. Chevrier et al., Osteoarthritis Cartilage 2007

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BST-CarGel brochure

BST Cargel brochure surgical technique

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